The Resilience Project

In a collaboration between Connect Well East Gippsland + Wellington and Lifeline, these five videos filmed with Martin Heppel, co-founder of The Resilience Project, are aimed at helping communities and individuals learn how to become more resilient in the face of trauma and life changing events.

The Resilience Project 1

Martin from The Resilience Project talks about how to support ourselves through adversity and how trauma is often an external factor that we didn’t see coming.

The Resilience Project 2

Have you ever lived through a pandemic before? No? Martin from The Resilience Project talks about how to cope with change. He asks why we consult professionals when we need to – we take our cars to mechanics, we have an injury and see a physiotherapist yet we resist seeing a counsellor or psychologist for mental wellbeing.

The Resilience Project 3

We don’t see trauma coming so how can we put positive emotions in place to cope better? Martin from The Resilience Project explains this and more in this video.

The Resilience Project 4

Sleep – have you ever struggled to get to sleep while thinking about all the uncertainty in life? Martin from The Resilience Project discusses mindfulness, what it is and how we can benefit. It doesn’t have to be meditation, it can be whatever works for you. Origami, colouring-in and puzzles – all examples of mindfulness.

The Resilience Project 5

Drought, bushfires and Covid. East Gippslanders, you’ve been through it all. In this video, Martin from The Resilience Project talks about some of the things we turn to in times of stress that might not be helpful to us.