Training Videos

In a collaboration between Connect Well East Gippsland + Wellington and Lifeline, these five videos cover parenting strategies during stressful situations, talking with children about our worries and concerns, stress and anxiety and blokes talking about challenges and dealing with difficult times.

Top 5 Tips for Talking to Children

Talking to children about worries normalises the fact that we all worry and lets them know it’s normal to feel this way.

Stress and Anxiety

Worry and anxiety is a normal part of being a human. This video discusses how to understand stress and anxiety for ourselves as well as our children.


How to be aware of parenting expectations while managing stressful situations.

Blokes Talk 1

This has been a hugely challenging time for Gippsland that hasn’t given us the opportunity to come together and debrief. Braden Anderson and Robert Dobin talk about how to cope with challenges.

Blokes Talk 2

This video discusses coping mechanisms and the positive and negative ways people deal with trauma and hardship.