Wednesday 3rd May, 2023

Muster Dogs!! Those who watched the series, Muster Dogs, on ABC TV, will be familiar with the name Joe Spicer. Joe, from GoGetta Kelpie Stud recently travelled to Ensay in East Gippsland to teach locals the finer points of working dog training.

This workshop was well received by around 160 locals who spent the day watching Joe demonstrate his skills with his dogs and a small flock of sheep. Joe talked about the importance of teaching the pup from an early age to wait for and walk with you, then calmly move sheep off the fence, and sit patiently to be sent. That patient strategy will set you and the dog up for the rest of its life!

The Working Dog Workshop in Ensay was catered by the local CWA and gave community members the opportunity to catch up and connect.